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Solar & Wind Power Questions

I would like to know more about solar and wind power you had and is it expensive?

We only need enough power to run a couple computers, our coffee grinder, battery chargers of various kinds and a couple lights to read by at night. So as not to have to rely so much on our storage batteries (three or four 12 volt - 100 amp hour), we try to use the power as it is being created. This is why the wind generator is the most useful because there is often not very much sunlight during storms when we are in the cabin needing the power. Storms usually bring lots of wind between storm the wind usually picks up at night. It doesn't take much wind to make more power than we can use, even with the small Series 910 Rutland, made in England. We have a 75 watt and a 60 watt size solar panels. We ration what is in the batteries and coast by the slack times. There are separate voltage controllers for the wind generator and the solar panels so we don't have to worry about over charging. As for where you get information about all this stuff, there are now many stores that specialize in alternative electricity. We deal through "Power Source" in Calgary Alberta.

Where do you get electric fence to carry with you backpacking? For someone who would like to develop something along the lines of a unit for backpackers, we have done some testing of what it takes and everything seems feasable. We are told that there are many liability issues associated with putting something like this on the market. I can't see why it would be much different than marketing pepper spray bear deterrent. Our interest was to take it through the initial research stage.



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