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Poaching Questions

What are your opinions on poaching?

Poaching is usually, but not always, the illegal killing of animals for their whole or parts that are then sold for the economic benefit of the poacher. Some time poaching is done for survival against starvation.

How can I contribute to put an end to poaching grizzlies? The best way I can think of to help the grizzly survive is not for you to add to the misunderstanding of this great animal. It has been falsely seen as a horrible, killer of people who suddenly turns on one for no reason - an animal that can only live far away from civilization because it cannot be trusted near people. As long as the grizzly is seen in this way, not much will be done to protect it. You can help to dispel these old ideas which are deliberately kept alive so that hunters can feel heroic for killing them. Tell others that a generation who learns a few things about how not to be a nuisance out there in the bush, can revolutionize a whole culture in its ability to get along with even animals like the grizzly. If enough people care about them, poaching will decrease.
Is there any concerted educational effort in Asia to debunk this horribly destructive idea that bear gall bladders have medicinal value? After considerable research, I'm still not sure there is no medicinal value to bear gall bladders. A Russian scientist friend assures me that it does work for things like human gall bladder problems and other stomach related ailments. I work on trying to make people value live bears a great deal so they have increasing difficulty justify killing these great animals for selfish reasons of any kind.



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