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Just wondering what Kolb aircraft and powerplant your using? Can you tell me if it is a unique homebuilt, or is it a commercial design, and if so what is the brand.

My aircraft is a Kolb Mark III Classic, see http://www.tnkolbaircraft.com I built it 10 years ago myself from a kit and it has virtually never seen civilization during that time and I have flown it -- spring summer and fall, every year since I built it the winter 1993 in a span of four busy months. Usual spare time builders take more than a year. You need lots of incentive and full time to build it in the time I did.

I started out with a Rotax 582 (two cycle) which I used in Canada and when I went to Kamchatka, Russia I bought and installed a 912. This is an remarkable engine and aircraft. The float is also amazing -- manufactured in Vancouver BC by Full Lotus is unbelievable in the way it opens up the world. I land on snow, ice, grass, as well as water. It is incredibly tough. Can put wheels back on in a few minutes. I don't have the amphibious float because I don't need wheels very often so do not want to carry the extra 50 pounds.

Also important is the IvoProp Medium. I had the lighter Ivo on for years and putting the Medium on was like finding an extra 20 hp without any added fuel consumption. I can't say enough good things about the whole combination if reliable, inexpensive flying interest you more than just talking about flying as so many people seem to be content in doing. I don't mean to sound arrogant saying that, but so many articles in so many magazines, talk about building, reinventing, finding some inexpesive motorcycle engine and installing that, and so on, but much out there about putting an aircraft to work and the adventure of flying it in all the places that are opened up. Kolb now has the Mark III Xtra. This is probably also a great plane but a bit more money and a bit heavier, which is a consideration.

Our book Grizzly Heart which is available on Amazon tells lots about the Kolb and what I have done with it there in Russia during the past 7 going on 8 years.

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