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Biscuit Sleeping -
This was Charlie and Maureen's first view of Biscuit in 2001.


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Overall Goals

Phase II: Kamchatka Grizzly Bear Research Prject of Maureen Enns and Charles Russell

It is our plan to continue our research on the feasibility of our living closely with the many bears at Kambalnoye Lake base camp. During the next three years, (Phase II of our study), we will continue to test our theory that people can live in the same areas that bears also live, providing they develop techniques that prevents them from getting into food supplies or damaging equipment etc. Phase II is about sustainability. We will continue to examine the concept that bears respond positively to being treated with kindness. Our goal from the beginning of this study was to establish an example so people could learn how to accept bears in much closer proximity and allow them to share productive land, not to keep insisting that they can only exist in our ever shrinking wilderness. We will continue our close association with Biscuit and Chico as they become sexually mature and mate and later when they have cubs. We want to show that grizzly bears’ behavior can be predictable as long as certain guidelines are followed. Brandy has two new spring cubs this year and we wish once again to be accepted as part of this bear family.

1) We are discovering that bears can be near human settlement providing there is a way to prevent them from getting into bird feeders, food storage and the like. We will continue to experiment with the application of electric fencing as mans means to easily control where a bear is allowed to be.

2) Develop an anti-poaching program for South Kamchatka Sanctuary that provides the first meaningful protection of wildlife in the area since its designation in 1984. This year, five rangers and two policeman will be paid substantially better than they have previously been paid and another cabin will be build on the Sanctuary boundary near the fishing village of Ozernovskiy.

3) We continue to take a slow and careful approach to developing Eco-tourism as part of a sustainable conservation strategy. This year we are supporting a guide training program for one Kamchatkin to go to guides school Kamloops BC.,Canada

-Charlie and Maureen.

2001 Sponsors

As Maureen Enns and Charlie Russell move into their sixth year of research on human-bear co-existence, in Kamchatka, they continue to be highly appreciative of the support and contributions of their sponsors. As the study moves on, they start to think of its conclusion in three years and also how to thank everyone who made it possible for them to do this amazing piece of research. For now, it is a heart-felt thank you to all.


Corporate Donors
Sponsors (US $1,000 and Over)

Anonymous Contributors and Foundations
Clayoquot Island Preserve
Daymen Photo Marketing Ltd.
Fanwood Foundation West
James Gosling
Joan Martin
The Lynchpin Foundation
Mogens F. Smed Fund of The Calgary Foundation
NJ Hewitt
The Schad Foundation
Signa Read



Individual Patrons
(Sponsors to US $1,000)

Carol Bowker
Faith Hall
John and Barbara Poole



Contributions In Kind:

Nancy Barrios
Ester Brenner
Counter Assault (Bear Spray)
Roland Dixon
Dr. Bill Hanlon
Barb Gosling and Derek Small
Maureen and Mike Heffring
Khonen Consulting
Nigel Laing
Ann Lukey
Masters Gallery Ltd.
Nova Photo Ltd.
Paula Oswald
Ursula Reynolds
Dawn Saunders-Dahl
Myrna Shapter


Sponsoring Foundations:

The Craighead Environmental Research Institute, Montana, USA
The Raincoast Conservation Foundation, BC, Canada


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