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Overall Goals

The goal of our research is to demonstrate that people can live closely and peacefully with grizzly bears while sustaining their respect indefinitely. Sadly, wilderness throughout the world is disappearing and along with it the grizzly because man has not learned how to share the land with them.

Historically, man's lack of understanding and fear of bears has never allowed for a concept of sharing. Bear managers have maintained that people and bears must be kept separate to ensure safety for humans. We believe there is another alternative and hope to prove it. We also wish to work with our Russian partners to bring about a long-term sustainable conservation for South Kamchatka.

-Charlie & Maureen

2000 Sponsors

Maureen Enns and Charles Russell wish to extend special thanks to all the sponsors and contributors to their research for the year 2000. Without these significant contributions, their return to Kamchatka this year would not have been possible. Thank you all for your part in bringing about an enlightened understanding about bears with your generous support.


Corporate Donors
Sponsors (US $1,000 and Over)

Anonymous Contributors
Anonymous Foundation
Fanwood Foundation West
Lynchpin Foundation
Smed International Ltd.
The Schad Foundation

Patrons (to US $999)

Animal Alliance of Canada
Xerox Canada Ltd.


Individual Donors
Sponsors (US $1,000 and Over)

Anonymous Donor
Robert and Birgit Bateman
Maureen and Mike Heffring
Nicki and Mogens Smed

Patrons (to US $999)

Faith Hall
Pat and Rosemarie Keough
Morton H. Wynne, Morton H. Wynne Insurance Agency Ltd.


Contributions In Kind:

Carol Bowker
Ester and Michael Brenner
Counter Assault
Creative Travel Adventures Ltd.
Daymen Photo Marketing Ltd.
James Gosling (Sun Microsystems, USA)
Barb Gosling and Derek Small (Nulli Secundus)
Maureen and Mike Heffring
Lowe Pro USA Inc.
Masters Gallery Ltd.
Debbie and Tim McDonald
Paula Oswald
Ursula Reynolds
Myrna Shapter
Xerox Canada Ltd.


Sponsoring Foundations:

Craighead Environmental Research Institute, Montana, USA
Raincoast Conservation Foundation, BC, Canada


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