Home Back Forward June 8, 1998: A Big Storm


Rosie sucking Biscuit's hair


All four bears at the camp


A big storm hit here yesterday. 80km winds and dense fog by the end of the day. The cabin really rocked and rolled for a while. I couldn't light the fire either; and it was pretty cold. The wind carries the smoke down the chimney as the cap blew off during the winter. The stove also rusted out. Charlie will install the new oil stove we brought this year when he returns from Petropavlovsk.

The first photo is Rosie sucking on the hair of Biscuit. She has done this since she was a baby and Biscuit calmly puts up with it. Chico has never allowed this. She chirrs loudly as she does this and it is usually after we have fed them.

The cubs were outside the cabin this morning around 9:00AM. They still seem to need some sunflower seeds so I am continuing once a day to slide some under the fence in their bowls. I don't want to feed the wild cub who has to sit and watch. She tried to persuade me otherwise by charging the fence yesterday. I blasted her with some pepper spray and yelled a loud no. She hasn't repeated the request so far. She did try to go through the fence today while the cubs were asleep. She got another blast of spray and I told her to stay out. She also got a shock from the fence. She headed out across the lake a few minutes ago alone. I also got a good whiff of the spray as the wind carried some of it into the cabin - pretty nasty!

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