Home Back Forward June 10, 1998: A sunny day with 4 bears

4 bears on the ice (can't see them?  look at the enlarged version!)

The 3 cubs, and Paddi looking in

Paddi inspecting the yard


Dear James,

All 4 bears were out running across the ice this morning as I awakened for my morning hit of Starbuck's coffee (yes, we bought a summer's supply and can grind it fresh with the solar operated power system). What a gorgeous day. I am still working out how to get along best with the adopted friend of our cubs. I think it is necessary to establish a good relationship with this bear as I think it is with us for the duration. Our cubs are accepting it closer and closer to them. I have had to establish that I won't let the new bear(Paddi) dominate me though. She has been put on the run by all three of our little cubs (2 years younger) and seems sorely in need of company. It is normal for such young bears to also need to dominate something and I don't want to be the target. She ran at me once and I gave her a noseful of pepper spray. Chico then ran her off which I thought was coincidental. Today she entered our cub yard carefully trying to see where I was and then popped her jaw and stamped her foot a bit while looking in my direction. I wondered if she might try another run at me and was ready with my spray. Chico, who I thought was asleep behind me got up and walked between us and glared at Paddi who then settled down. 10 minutes later all 4 were asleep in the cub yard. This is a space outside our electric fence where they like to visit. I think they also feel safer from wild bears in this proximity to the cabin.

Given Chico's reaction, I am very careful in the proximity of this bear. My intuition tells me that our cubs will teach it how to behave or it may just copy their behavior around us.

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