Home Back Forward June 16, 1998: Best day yet!!

Hiking out to meet the bears

Rosie on the ice

Plane landed in front of a volcanoe

Charlie lands on the east coast


Maureen: What a day after 3 of fog and wind. We started out with a hike to the east side of the lake to spend some time with the cubs. They loved the time together as much as we did. The 4th orphan seems to have wandered off - likely down to the coast to eat green grass. There are still many bears around the lake though. We watched a female and two big males playing in a snow slide across the lake while the cubs snoozed in a bear bed(at this point our new digital camera's batteries died -OOPS!! the simplest of tech..got us)

Charlie: I left Maureen visiting with the cubs and took advantage of the calm clear air to explore the end of the peninsula. I landed on the east coast near the surf which is only 8 miles from our cabin. This is where many bears congregate this time of year to eat sea weed and the early greens. I also saw a stellar sea eagle in a nest that I check from the air every year. These are the largest eagles in the world with a wing spread of near 9 feet. I also landed on the snow near the volcanoe, enjoying the freedom of so many landing sights this time of year. Hope you enjoy the pics: 5 today, couldn't resist.

This last picture is an arial view of Kambalnoe lake. Still (June 16th!) in the grips of winter and frozen over. Volcanic features totally dominate the landscape.

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