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Sitting Bear, Kurilskoye Lake, 1994

An undertaking like this would be impossible with the support of our many generous sponsors. Their continuing support is very deeply appreciated.

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Sponsors (US$1,000 and Over)

 The Robert Schad Foundation
Clayoquot Island Preserve
Parallax Film Productions Inc.
Husky Injection Molding Systems Ltd.
Alberta Foundation for the Arts
The Great Bear Foundation (Montana)
Raincoast Conservation Foundation
Craighead Environmental Research Institute
Sun Microsystems
 Trail of the Great Bear Society (Waterton)
S. M. Blair Family
Foundation Fanwood Foundation/West
Anonymous Contributor
Microsoft Corporation
Daymen Photo Marketing Ltd.
Anonymous Foundation
The Canada Council


Patrons (to US $999)

 Trimac Corporation
Smed Manufacturing Ltd.
Development Matters Inc.
Ralph Heddin Associates Ltd.
 Dr. J. V. Horsely Professional Corporation
Masters Gallery Ltd.
Kodak Canada Inc.


Individual Donors

Sponsors (US$1,000 and Over)

Robert and Birgit Bateman
Joan A. Martin
Ellen Smith
Signa Reid, Larry Mills
Carol A. Bowker
Neil Smith
Gerald Zyphers
Doug Williams
Anonymous Contributor


Patrons (to US$999)

Kent and Marilyn Jesperson
Jeanne Kaufman
Joan and John Rouse
Norm Simmons
Dr. Jorge Winkier
Dr. Max and Eva Miller
Tatiana Williamson
Aaron R. Renert
Mrs. Mary Simpson
Robert Francis
Jason Kowalski
Richard and Terry Pars
Robert and Christine Sparrow
Rudolf and Herta Klann
Betty Anne Giares
Peter, Tim and Anne Raabe
Don Sylvester
Joy and the late Bernie Lieff
Faith Hall
Bert Van Bekkum
R. A. N. Bonnycastle
Adele Dand
Dr. S. T. Myles
Sally Meecham
Doug and Jane Leach
Dr. David and Noah Cebuliak
Ralph Christoffersen
Caroline Davies
Yvonne Sugimoto
Laura Palmer
Anthony Cook
Pat and Rosemarie Keough
anonymous patron


Contributions In-Kind

Counter Assault
Bushwacker Backpack
& Supply Co. Ltd.
Maureen and Mike Heffring
Dr. Ernest Enns
Lynn Woodworth
Sundog Printing Ltd.
Julie Crilly
Ursula Reynolds
Dick and Colleen Russell
Dr. Bill Hanlon
Janice Anderson
Daymen Photo Marketing Ltd.
Uwe Mummenhoff
Faralee Chanin (LLB, MBA)
Lowe Pro USA Inc.
Barb Gosling and Derek Small and Karitas
James Gosling
Ecosummer Expeditions
Myrna Shapter
(The Office Manager)
Big Rock Brewery Ltd.
Rick and Bev Durvin
John Ghittan
Debbie and Tim McDonald
Buzzman Aviation
Ocean Visions (Tom Ellison)
Murray Automotives
Environics Research Group (West)
Russ McKinnon, McKinnon Carstours,
Barristers and Soloicitors
Xerox Canada Ltd.
Hal Grainer, Port Consolidators
Sunmar Container Lines Inc
Bob and Brenda Mazur
Sandra and Claude Le Blanc



March 20, 1997, THE GLENCOE CLUB

Andy Russell
Anthony and Chris Russell
Big Rock Brewery Ltd.
Bradner Homes Ltd.
Calgary Bach Festival Society
Camtech Camera Exchange Ltd.
Doug and Nancy Craig
Dave Taylor, QR 77
Ecosummer Expeditions
Eric Touche, Skoki Venturers Ltd.
Frank Sudol
Hall's Auction Services Ltd.
Maureen and Mike Heffring
Jeanne Kaufman
Jo Cookson
Ray and Kris Mathews, the Mathews Group
Masters Gallery Ltd., Rod Greene
Debbie and Tim McDonald
Mountain Equipment Co-op
Myrna Clarke "Perennials Unlimited"
Nancy and Doug Craig
Reid Morrison
Sid Marty
Ernie and Alexis Stapleford
Sundog Printing Ltd.
Lori Tomczak
The Flower Group Inc.
Ursula and Rick Reynolds
Yoho Burgess Shale Foundation
Deb and Tim Mcdonald
Tom Matheson
Terry and Theresa Balak
Jan Theunisz

Anne Beverly Society
Bearded Ladies Buffalo Company
Bowker and Skudds
Calgary Recreational Flight Center
Calgary Boy's Choir
Carol Bowker, Glen Goldthwait
Creative Travel Adventures Ltd.
Deer Lodge, Pat & Connie OConner
Edwin and Alice Knox
Ernest Enns, Lynne Woodworth
Barb Gosling and Derek Small
Happy Trails Riding Stable
The Heritage Centre
Jim Bates
Julia and Will Palmer
Kilmorey Lodge, Waterton
Mary Anne and Barnie Reeves
Merry and Brian Chellas
Bruce and Joyce Morrison
Klara Meyers
Myrna Shapter, The Office Manager
Patti and Bob McKendrick
Purcell Heli-copter Skiing Ltd.
Sandpiper Books
Solar Bear Skin Care Inc.
Lois Laycroft
Sybil Palmer
The Lab
The Western Heritage Centre, Jim Bates
Yamnuska Inc.
Yvonne Visser, Physiotherapy Clinic
Kathleen McNally

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